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This Cool App Finds Vegan Restaurants Near You


For many vegans, it can be hard to find the right restaurant near you. However, this app will do all of the work for you!

This free app, called “vanilla bean,” is your guide to veg dining. It features over 4,200 restaurants, in which 1,800 of them can be found across countries in the UK, including England, Ireland/Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can also browse through restaurants in other countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

This app features many great places and is easy to use; just type in your location and a map will show up with restaurants near you. You can be in Berlin, Vienna, London or Dublin; “vanilla bean has you covered!”

Although, what makes this app ideal for vegan travellers alike is that you can easily select your ideal restaurant from a variety of places to choose from. You can look at pictures, descriptions and even browse through all of the opening times that are constantly updated so that you can select the eatery that best suits your schedule and your taste buds. In fact, you can even post a review based on your personal experience, too.

In addition, vanilla bean was recently featured as one of the best new apps by Apple and was one of the winners of the Show Your App Award 2016.

However, there is much more to this app than just finding vegan dining options. The motivation for this project involved much more than veg-friendly places to eat.

“The biggest issues of our time are not Donald Trump of Brexit,” states co-founder Fabian Kreipl. “Many of our biggest global issues can be prevented when eating plant-based more often. Sound crazy? It is not.

“Try it out yourself. You can start by having a vegan day once a week… We are here to facilitate the process for everybody interested in changing their impact on the world.”

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start finding our next place to dine with this cool app!

© Featured image from vanilla bean’s Facebook page

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