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Cow Dances After Being Rescued From the Meat Industry


Bandit the cow was really happy to be rescued from a beef farm by the Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary in Austria.

After spending years in a depressing and narrow stable, Bandit has shown his rescuers how happy and grateful he is to have been rescued. Bandit is indeed very lucky, as it is extremely rare for a cow to be rescued from their unwanted fates.

However, Bandit’s story was a happy one, thanks to this animal sanctuary. A member from the Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary had raised a lot of money to buy Bandit’s freedom. Thanks to this member, Bandit is now living happily in a natural environment with other rescued animals, including cows, pigs, dogs, cats, horses, chimpanzees and donkeys.

In addition, this video shows us that animals do feel emotions and can express gratitude in a friendly way. It also shows us that cows – and other farm animals – do not wish to end up on someone’s plate.

Every single cow in a slaughterhouse or farm would love to end up with a fate similar to Bandit’s.

It’s just up to us to stop animal cruelty so that every animal can live a beautiful life.



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