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Check Out the World’s First Algae-Based Shoes

© Vivobarefoot
© Vivobarefoot

There have been a few cool vegan collaborations in the fashion industry that have resulted in innovative, fashionable creations. For example, The Cambridge Satchel Company and Melissa teamed up to launch leather-free bags, and the PETAxMink collaboration introduced vegan flats in two gorgeous colours. Now, two companies have collaborated to bring one of the coolest ideas in the fashion industry to life: algae-based shoes.

London-based company Vivobarefoot teamed up with Mississippi-based manufacturer Bloom Foam to create the world’s first algae-based shoes.

“This July, we’ll be launching an ultra-eco take on our hero amphibious shoe, the Ultra III. Made using Algae rescued from waterways from around the World, this shoe is the latest of our sustainable design initiatives,” Vivobarefoot writes.

According to Vivobarefoot, every single pair of shoes will help re-circulate 57 gallons of filtered water back into our world’s natural habitats, and will prevent 40 balloons worth of CO2 from re-entering our planet’s atmosphere.

Many companies have created sustainable materials from reusing items such as grapes, pineapple leaves and mushroom caps. However, this was the first footwear design that delivered a concept made from algal blooms. We’re excited to see the shoes this month!

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