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Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream is Coming to Canada

© Ben & Jerry's
© Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s first released their line of vegan ice cream last year. However, Canadians were left wondering when the ice cream would come to their country!

Well, there’s no need to wait anymore! Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream has officially made its way into this northern country!

According to a press release: “Beginning this Valentine’s Day, Toronto residents will be able to order pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on-demand. The new delivery service, which will be made available into summer 2017, includes three popular flavour options: Cherry Garcia®, Half Baked®, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and introduces two hotly anticipated non-dairy flavours: P.B. & Cookies Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert and Coffee Caramel Fudge Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.”

Pints will be sold at $9.99 each with a charge of $4.99 for the delivery (if less than three pints were ordered).

Residents of Toronto have been enjoying their dairy-free ice cream flavours for the last few days; however, other Canadians have nothing to miss, since the pints will hit store shelves on February 27 throughout the rest of Canada.

Canadians thank Ben & Jerry’s for finally bringing some of their delicious flavours to Canada! Hopefully the other vegan flavours will hit the shelves too!

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