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All-Vegan Café to Open in Melbourne

© The Alley
© The Alley

Brand new vegan eatery The Alley is opening in Melbourne, Australia next month on St. Kilda Road.

This upcoming Australian vegan destination will be serving all-vegan casual food including burgers, pasta, salads, juice, ice cream and more.

According to The Alley’s founder, Alexandra Pyke, the one item to look forward to is the Hawaiian Burger, which will be made with pineapple and – best of all – jackfruit.

In addition, Pyke hopes that her vegan restaurant will stand out from the rest by featuring affordable fast food that is also healthy.

“I just don’t think it really exists here yet, a place where you can have affordable burgers,” she said. “You normally go out for a burger and it’s $18 or $19, and a vegan or vegetable burger will be around $22.”

The wait time for The Alley’s items will be incredibly fast with a promise of a 10 minute turnaround for meals.

“And it’s inexpensive, so everyone can afford to eat well,” Pyke added.

Melbourne is on its way to becoming Australia’s vegan hot spot, with other vegan restaurants around town. Recently, Melbourne’s first all-vegan pizzeria (called Red Sparrowopened in the city, serving Neapolitan-style pizzas to Melburnians, vegans and other pizza-lovers alike.




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