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American Fashion Retailer Forever 21 Bans Mohair

Forever 21 joins the list of brands who have banned mohair.

Popular American fashion retailer Forever 21 has officially banned the sales of mohair, a fiber taken from the hair of the Angora goat.

Animal rights organization PETA was celebrating by posting Forever 21’s amazing decision on Instagram: “Forever 21 just banned mohair! This is because YOU told them to drop it after watching PETA’s exposé.”

Angora goats will no longer be harmed for fashion at Forever 21.

Just a few weeks ago, PETA announced Zappos‘ decision to ban mohair after watching PETA’s exposé. They also asked Forever 21 to ban the fabric.

But now, Forever 21 is on board with the cruelty-free movement and joins other brands who have banned mohair, including Anthropologie, Zara, Gap Inc., Arcadia Group, and Inditex among others.