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Wolfgang Puck Creates Vegan Dish After High Demand

Wolfgang Puck © Korn Ferry
Wolfgang Puck
© Korn Ferry

The vegan population is growing, and as a result, many high end chefs are receiving high demand to introduce vegan-friendly dishes. One of these chefs is Wolfgang Puck, who has listened to these requests.

“With veganism gaining an ever-higher profile, it’s only natural that my chefs and I get more and more frequent requests for vegan dishes,” the famous chef and restaurateur wrote in Twin Cities. “Now, you might think that we’d find it challenging to prepare delicious, even luxurious-tasting food following such restrictions. But, in fact, more and more products are widely available that make vegan cooking not only possible but actually a pleasure.”

After featuring the requests, Puck mentioned some tips and even featured an “authentic-tasting Italian recipe” you can make at home.

“You can find vegan “cheeses” and even vegan cultured “butter” spreads made from nuts and oils, for example,” he continues. “And it’s also possible in your own kitchen to prepare “cream” sauces based on nuts, which turn wonderfully smooth and rich when pureed in a blender, leading many people who sample the results to doubt that a dish made in this way doesn’t include dairy.”

Puck also featured a vegan gnocchi recipe – and you’d never even guess it was completely plant-based! You can access the recipe here.





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