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Israel Gets its First Vegan Supermarket

Photo Credit: LIGRAF
Photo Credit: LIGRAF

Israel is arguably the world capital of veganism, with vegan restaurants and bars located all around Tel Aviv – their vegan hot spot. But guess what? Things have gotten that much better now that they opened their first all-vegan supermarket!

Gal Hayarok (Green Wave), opened in Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, aiming to imitate vegan supermarket Veganz in Germany. Inspired by the German supermarket chain, which has locations in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Green Wave owners Refael Avraham and Eylon Zakzer hope to open up five more locations around Israel by 2018, as it ties in with their goal of providing a space that can make the vegan lifestyle more accessible by providing products that people can trust are 100-percent vegan.

Green Wave is considered a “safe space” for vegans, carrying over 4,000 plant-based products. You can find products including baked goods, snacks, dairy-free cheeses and ice creams, legumes, cereals, protein bars, and spices amongst other products.

The supermarket is located at 50 HaCarmel, and the owners are hoping to see you there!

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