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Vegan Store Adds to “Supportive” Vegan Community in Stockport

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Stockport is well known for their food and drink scene. With Foodie Fridays at Stockport Market and the many restaurants around the large town, could anything possibly get better?

Well, turns out that this new addition to the growing vegan community has indeed made things that much better! The Herbivore Vegan Store, a 100% independent, family-based store, opened on Wellington Road South, selling all-vegan products.

“We have a lot of vegans in the Stockport area,” owner Claire Dickinson said regarding her choice to open in Stockport. “The vegan community has been really supportive.”

Claire herself has been a vegan for over a year and is hoping to create a space that will make it easy for vegans to keep up with the diet.

“When I became vegan I realised how difficult it is… you tend to start eating the same food all the time, so it can become a little monotonous,” Claire said. However, this all depends on the products available in stores; there is a great selection of vegan foods around.

“I just wanted to make a shop where everything was safe for vegans. So I do that difficult bit and make sure that every single bit of stock is 100% vegan.”

Customers walking in will be able to browse through many products including cooking sauces, cheeses, pastas, dried beans, herbs, spices, plant-based milks and even delicious desserts.

This store is a great addition to Stockport’s supportive vegan community! After Boulder Brands, Inc. recalled their supposed vegan Earth Balance mac & cheese due to a possible dairy allergen, it has become hard for companies to earn some vegans’ trust. However, The Herbivore Vegan Store has made grocery shopping in Stockport that much easier with their qualified vegan products, and the city is certainly thanking them!

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