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Tesla Now Offers Vegan Interior Options for All of Their Models

© Tesla
© Tesla

Everyone wants to drive a Tesla. However, one problem that vegans face when buying a car is that it may have leather seats.

Well, there’s no need for vegans to worry, since Tesla is now offering vegan interior options for all of their models!

After launching the Model X, Tesla introduced a cool seat developed in-house featuring an “Ultra white synthetic leather,” serving as a vegan option for buyers. It was only an option for the Model X at first, and then it was available for the Model S P100D.

Now, Tesla has made this feature a part of every single one of their models!

Tesla also discontinued all but one original seat option.

In fact, the Model X seats were one the main reasons why there was a delay in the volume of the vehicle’s production. CEO Elon Musk wanted it to be a “sculptural work of art,” since they are very well seen when the Falcon Wing doors open.

Musk stated in a conference call before the release of the Model X in September 2015: “We have substantially in-sourced the seats at this point. Tesla is producing its own seats.”

These new seats, called “Tesla Premium seats,” are replacing the original version with a sharper design. Not only do they attract attention, but according to Tesla, they are “durable and stain resistant.”

Last month, Morrissey wrote a letter to General Motor‘s CEO, asking them to consider vegan interior options. While GM’s decision is yet to be announced, looks like Tesla decided to take the first opportunity before anyone else did!

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