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Vegan Race Car Driver Hitting the Tracks with First Vegan-Themed Race Car

© VeganPowered.org
© VeganPowered.org

Vegan race car driver Leilani Münter will be the first to race with a vegan-themed car, which is hitting the racetrack in Daytona, FL next month.

The Toyota Camry was designed specially for speed and to present a powerful vegan message with the words “Vegan Powered” written all over the hood and body of the car.

Prior to this announcement, Münter raced with cars that promoted animal rights, featuring logos such as The Cove and Blackfish. She has also promoted the environment by adopting one acre of rainforest every time she races – a tradition she started back in 2007, and shared with us in her story.

Not only is Münter – who drives for ARCA – getting prepared to drive the first vegan-themed race car, but she is also a female who competes in male races, and has even been named one of the top 10 female race car drivers in the world by Sports Illustrated.

You can watch Münter race at Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway on February 18, 2017 and cheer her on. You can even donate funds to Vegan Powered to ensure the presence of a tent at the race, which will feature “free food, vegan starter guides with recipes, coupons, and more.” They will give out “thank you gifts” to those who donate money and early supporters will receive an extra gift.

Donations will go through the 501(c)(3) nonprofit A Well-Fed World.

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