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Vegan-Friendly European Cities


Veganism is growing in many cities and surprisingly fast throughout Europe. With many cities becoming more and more veg-friendly, it has become tough for vegans to choose just one destination to visit.

Here are the top European travel destinations for vegans:

berlingermany (350x263)1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is booming with veganism – in fact, it is no doubt the biggest vegan-friendly European destination. Named the capital of veganism in Europe by HappyCow.com, Berlin is the city with the most meat-free dining options.

Lucky Leek is a very popular restaurant for those who eat a plant-based diet. Their menu features a vast variety of veg options, such as pecan nut ravioli, eggplant satay, red-beet barley risotto. Aside from individual plates, Lucky Leek also offers a 3-course meal from their dinner menu for 33 €, as well as a 5-course meal from the chef’s menu for 55 €.

Another great eatery to stop by at is Rawtastic. This place, which just opened last year, features raw vegan dishes, as well as smoothies and juices. You can come in for breakfast and try their Acai Bowl, or perhaps go for lunch to try their nutrient-filled salads and Berry Smoothie Bowl. Or perhaps you are craving dessert? Then try their carrot cake, panna cotta or chocolate mousse – because it’s all vegan.

Aside from restaurants, Berlin has also been the host city of many popular veg events. They host the largest veg festival in Europe, Veganes Sommerfest every summer since 2008. Their 2016 festival will take place from August 19 to 21.

londonengland (350x232)2. London, England

London has been named one of the friendliest vegan cities by PETA, and this title was well deserved! London has several vegan eateries, which makes it very easy travel destination for everyone.

222 Veggie Vegan is a must-try hot spot for vegans, serving dishes that are 100% free of meat, dairy, eggs and fish. In addition, nothing from here is deep fried or microwaved, which makes it that much healthier for you. Winning a 2013 Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor, 222 Veggie Vegan serves several mouthwatering dishes from salads to soups. Make sure to stop by here next time you visit London!

Manna is also a great restaurant serving vegan/vegetarian dishes. Some items off their lunch menu include their courgette and corn fritters, polenta tart, raw tacos and more. From their dinner menu, they offer tempting dishes such as raw maki rolls, vegetable tempura and falafel sliders. As Manna is mainly a vegetarian restaurant, please don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding which ingredients they use; they may have vegan “versions” of their vegetarian dishes.

On the other hand, dessert lovers will find themselves in love with Cookies and Scream, as it is an all-vegan bakery. You can come here to try their creamy ice cream, or perhaps their chunky ice cream sandwich.

Aside from vegan restaurants, you can even find vegan high tea options in the city of tea lovers. A great place to check out is the luxurious Langham Hotel.

glasgowscotland (350x275)3. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is becoming a popular travel destination for vegans. In fact, it was named the U.K.’s most vegan-friendly city by PETA in 2013. With several vegan restaurants and gorgeous sights, anyone eating a plant-based diet would want to visit Glasgow.

One very popular restaurant is Mono, which serves several unique dishes that resemble meaty foods, such as their seitan burger, to-fish n’ chips and vegan ham and pineapple pizza.

This August, Mono will be hosting the Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest, presented by the Fat Gay Vegan. You can purchase tickets at £4 each, in addition to a 40p booking fee, for either their 12 pm – 5 pm event or 6 pm – 11 pm event on August 27, 2016. They will be serving cold-brewed beer, wine and cider. Any vegan local or traveller wouldn’t want to miss this fun event!

warsawpoland (350x244)4. Warsaw, Poland

Surprisingly, Warsaw has made its way up to join other European cities as the top veg-friendly travel destinations within the continent. In fact, with over 30 vegan restaurants, you can walk around the city and spot several vegan eateries every 10 minutes.

Krowarzywa is a restaurant that serves vegan burger alternatives made from tofu, seitan, veggies, millet, chickpeas and a sauce of your choice. Any vegan who wants to indulge in a healthy and juicy burger won’t think twice about coming here.

Youmiko Vegan Sushi is also a great eatery to visit. After opening in January 2016, anyone wanting to try 100% plant-based sushi with a creative twist would definitely choose to come here.

With many restaurants serving alternatives to meat, fish and dairy, Warsaw is a hot spot when it comes to vegan dining.

stockholmsweden (350x254)5. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is home to one of the best veg restaurants in Europe – Hermans. This popular eatery is a vegetarian all-you-can-eat buffet with vegan options. Not only does this spot serve delicious lunch and dinner meals, but it also has a theme that changes daily, which makes it a fun spot that attracts food lovers.

Looking for a place to try exotic juices? Don’t hesitate to go to Blueberry Lifestyle. With 8 locations in Stockholm, this place features juices, smoothies and healthy foods, such as soups, salads and more. You can stop by at any time for breakfast, lunch, or simply for a snack.

If you are looking for a European destination that “hast it all,” Stockholm would be it. The vegan dining options are countless!

pragueczechrepublic (350x238)

6. Prague, Czech Republic

One could not guess that Prague would be a vegan or even vegetarian-friendly city with their traditional cuisine that is full of meat; however, this city has been growing with plant-based options.

The Raw Deli, which opened last year, is a 100% raw vegan food bar that serves cold-pressed juices, dishes, delicious chocolates and desserts. Your mouth will be watering for a taste of their chocolate cheesecake or tiramisu.

Not looking for raw food? That’s okay! There are many other options for vegan dining. Check out Herbivore, a vegan bistro and food store. Their vast variety of food options that includes Mediterranean, European, Czech dishes and more attracts travellers to this eatery every day.

edinburghscotland (350x233)7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, named UK’s friendliest vegan city in 2015, has become a hot spot for vegan travellers. There are several dining options from simple cafes to fine dining with many multi-cultural options, which attracts vegan travellers to this historical city every year.

For South Indian cuisine, visit Kalpna. Their lunch buffet is highly recommended, as you can have 2 salads, 2 chutneys, 2 starters, bread, 3 curries and 2 bowls of rice for only £8 per person. However, the buffet only lasts from 12 pm – 2 pm.

On a completely different note, are you craving pizza? La Favorita is no doubt the best place to go. With locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, this eatery has been labelled the best pizza place in the city. Now that they have recently added vegan cheese to their pizza menu, it’s impossible for any vegan to resist their food.

On the other hand, for fine dining, try David Bann. This upscale eatery offers mainly vegetarian dishes, with several vegan options you won’t want to miss trying, such as their smoked and marinated tofu, or their vegetarian option, ravioli parcel with walnut on basil tomato soup, which can be made vegan upon request.


With the rate of veganism growth throughout Europe, it is easy to travel as a vegan in most European cities. While these are the top destinations, other countries such as Denmark, whose veggie product sales have risen 25 – 30 percent from 2014 – 2015, have been growing as well. Vegans, it’s finally time to enter the future of veganism in Europe!



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