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Vegan Beer Fest Taking Place in Glasgow and Manchester


The Vegan Beer Fest, presented by Fat Gay Vegan, is taking place this summer for travellers and beer fans all across the United Kingdom.

You can head over to Glasgow in late August or to Manchester in early September to taste refreshing cold-brewed beer that is 100% vegan.

Earlier this month, London hosted this event on July 16 for its fourth year. The Fat Gay Vegan team went over to The Old Ship W6, a pub and eatery, where they staged this outdoor event. The Old Ship W6 had gone completely vegan that one day.

The next event will take place in Glasgow on August 27. The Fat Gay Vegan team is taking beer to the next level at the popular eatery, Mono, one of their partners, presenting cold brewed beer, cider and wine along with their other partner, William Bros. Brewing Co. Entrance tickets cost £4, excluding food and drink prices. There will also be an addition 40p booking fee.

If you won’t be in town in August, don’t worry. There will be an event taking place in September in Manchester, the last host city of the Vegan Beer Fest this year. It will be a weekend full of fun, taking place on September 17 and 18 at Islington Mill. However, this time, the beer will be brewed by the vegan-friendly Pitfield Brewery. Just like the Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest, tickets cost £4, excluding the price of food and drinks; however, only people 18 and older will be permitted to enter.

No matter which destination you decide to go to, we’re sure that you’ll love the cold-brewed vegan beer served at that event. Any vegan traveller or local won’t want to miss it!

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