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“McVegans” Food Truck Hits the Streets of London, Ontario


Canada-based vegan food truck, McVegans, hit the streets of London, Ontario last month, selling more than 1,000 burgers during its first week of operation.

Founder James McInnes invented a vegan version of the popular Big Mac Burger, called “Big MacInnes,” and first sold it the London Ribfest over the summer. It was a hit and McInnes sold all of his burgers before the last day of the event.

Now, through his food organization, Globally Local, McInnes has partnered with Western University, where he operates his successful food truck two days a week.

“We are surprised at the amount of interest in our education initiative,” McInnes said regarding the animal-rights materials onboard his food truck, which were provided by Animal Liberation Alliance. “We believe that our food truck has become a powerful form of vegan activism.”

© Globally Local's Facebook Page
© Globally Local’s Facebook Page

Also, McDonald’s recently reported that only one in five millennials have tried their Big Mac burger. McInnes believes that the reason why is because many young people are beginning to switch to other options.

“We believe that many millennials have awakened to the truth about fast-food and understand the massive impact that this industry has on our health, the animals and the environment,” he said.

However, not only can you try his famous “Big MacInnes” burger, but you can also try a variety of other plant-based items on the menu, including jackfruit-based Pulled Jack Sandwiches and meat-free gyros.

McInnes has plans to “McVeganize” more foods to add to his truck and to expand his business to other cities in the future. After all, he wants more people to “just try it.”

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