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These Vegan Burgers Contain More Iron Than Beef

© Beyond Meat
© Beyond Meat

The popular Men’s Journal recently featured a comparison between the nutritional value of vegan burgers made with patties from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods to burgers with beef patties.

“The plant-based burgers score better than beef on a couple of nutritional measures,” stated writer Gabrielle Lemonier. In fact, it was surprising to see that both these veggie burgers contained more essential mineral iron than a regular beef burger.

It was written that: Both the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger have zero cholesterol, as opposed to the 100 milligrams of cholesterol in an 85-percent lean-beef burger. Cholesterol itself is only found in animal products and, just like saturated fat, eating a lot of it can raise LDL levels that are linked to heart disease. The Beyond Burger also has more of the essential mineral iron than a beef burger does.

Not only does this burger come with extra nutritional benefits, but it comes with health benefits as well. Essential mineral iron is a nutrient that those who suffer from anemia lack, therefore, making the Beyond Burger a great food option for them.

Also, Lemonier identified that vegan burgers do not contain any antibiotics and have not been linked to cancer – two things that are associated with animal-based meat.

You can find products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods at Whole Foods to cook yourself, or you can go and enjoy plant-based dishes at many restaurants. After all, vegan burgers are not only delicious, but healthier for you as well!

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