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Vegan Dining at Chipotle Just Became that Much Easier

© Chipotle
© Chipotle

At first, many vegans find it hard to dine at eateries; however, several restaurants have been realizing that many people are shifting over to the vegan lifestyle. One of these restaurants is Chipotle, the popular “Mexican Grill” fast food chain, who just added an online list of dietary and veg-friendly food options.

People can view many food options from vegan/vegetarian ingredients to dairy and gluten-free options to low calorie choices. Vegans can find tortillas, beans, white/brown rice, sofritas, veggies, salsa, guacamole, lettuce and tortilla chips on the well-composed list.

In addition, customers can use Chipotle’s special online calculator to find out exactly how many calories and how much fat their meal contains.

The vegan community thanks Chipotle for their bold and helpful action, as the fast food chain just made vegan dining that much easier!

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