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Vegan Butcher Shop Coming to Brooklyn Next Year

© Monk's Meats
© Monk’s Meats

Brooklyn will be getting its first vegan butcher shop next year!

The idea all started with Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes, the couple who set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their project. By successfully raising over $50,000, this couple can now open their butcher shop, which you can head over to spring 2017!

Their shop will resemble an old-fashioned butcher shop – minus the bloody meat. Instead, customers will be able to try foods made with wheat gluten, or “seitan.”

The “vegetarian butcher shop and delicatessen” is the first actual location of the Brooklyn-based vegan company, Monk’s Meats. It became popular through their food stand, which has been positioned at Smorgasburg since 2013.

“I think the overall biggest reaction we get is that people can’t believe with all the flavours and textures, that the stuff doesn’t have any meat in it,” Kim said.

Monk’s Meats will be located in Bed-Study, Brooklyn at 477 Gates Avenue. They will offer several delicious plant-based foods, including sausages, steak, burgers and “vegan options you would expect to find in a meat shop,” Kim said.

The take-out butcher shop will also feature stainless steel appliances, a deli case, a butcher’s block, and more! Simply put, this place will be a meat-free haven!

In addition to Monk’s Meats, other vegan butcher shops exist around the US. The Herbivorous Butcher, located in Minneapolis, also used Kickstarter to launch a campaign, raising a successful $60,000 towards their shop, and The Butcher’s Son opened in February in California. With the rise of plant-based foods, hopefully we will see meat-free butcher shops opening in other places around the world too!

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