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Children in Sweden Ask the Government to Ban Wild-Animal Circuses

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Several children joined PETA and Swedish animal-protection group Djurens Rätt and gathered in Stockholm to hand deliver a petition that rounded up over 20,000 signatures asking for the government to completely ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

Animals do not live very nice lives in the entertainment industry. They are “trained” to perform tricks by being beaten up, whipped, or even shocked with an electric prod. Bullhooks are even used on elephants!

However, PETA and many Swedes are hoping to change that! This petition was created just in time, since Swedish politicians are reviewing animal welfare laws in the country right now. In fact, they are even considering possibly extending restrictions on using animals in circuses to include all species of wild animals.

PETA and many people in Sweden are hoping that this petition makes a difference, since 7 out of 10 Swedes want their country to ban such cruel animal practices for entertainment purposes, hoping that they will follow the lead of many other countries. Other European countries that have banned the use of all wild animals include: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyrpus, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, and Slovenia.

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