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Vancouver Aquarium to Put an End to Dolphin and Whale Captivity

Beluga whales were once a top attraction at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Victory! Vancouver is finally taking a step towards animal rights, now that the Vancouver Aquarium has announced that they will no longer display dolphins, whales or porpoises.

According to CEO John Nightingale, the decision was a result of much debate and controversy over keeping marine mammals in captivity. They finally came to the realization that the public was against keeping whales and dolphins.

“We absolutely believe in the value of whales and dolphins in engaging people,” Nightingale told CBC News.

“But you also have to be realistic, and it has gotten to the point where the debate in the community, with the lawyers, with the politicians… is debilitating our work on our mission.”

Last spring, the Vancouver Park Board voted against bringing new cetaceans to the aquarium because of the concern commissioners had regarding keeping marine mammals in captivity.

But despite controversial feelings, the Park Board is taking the right step with their decision that the Vancouver aquarium (also known as the Ocean Wise Conservation Association) should no longer feature dolphins and whales. It’s also a great point in history for activists who have been fighting for the freedom of these creatures that rightfully belong in the sea.

The aquarium, however, asked for a judicial review and the results of the court case are pending. Despite wanting to “fight to the end,” Nightingale has shifted his views and believes it is time for the Vancouver Aquarium to move on.






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