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The UK’s Vegan Population Has Risen by 260%


If there’s one place that is big on veganism, it’s the United Kingdom. England is already home to several vegan restaurants and some of the best vegan fashion brands are UK-based.

However, there’s even better news; the United Kingdom reported that in the last ten years, the vegan community has risen by 260%.

The London Economic wrote: More than half a million people in the UK now say they follow the vegan lifestyle, which is up by 260 per cent in the last ten years.

This is huge news for vegans; however, it was also reported that one third of the population considers themselves as “flexitarians,” who are cutting down on their consumption of animal products. Therefore, vegan product sales have also increased dramatically in the UK, since vegan consumers and product sales usually go hand-in-hand. In fact, vegan food sales have gone up 1500% in the past year alone as many companies have been acknowledging consumer trends.

Jacques Thudichum, Buying Manager of chilled prepared foods at Ocado, says: “Consumer appetite for vegan-friendly foods in the UK is showing no sign of slowing down, as ‘flexitarianism’ emerges as the key trend of the moment. We’ve listened to our customers and have hugely expanded our vegan selection this year, adding new and exciting products each week to become one of our strongest categories.”

Companies better keep an eye out, since the consumption of vegan products is expected to grow more at this rate!



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