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Pinterest Predicts Jackfruit to Top Searches in 2017


Social media site Pinterest recently released their Pinterest 100 for 2017 report, pinning their 100 predictions for top searches next year. Interestingly, jackfruit made it onto the list as a popular meat alternative.

This year, the interest in jackfruit as a meat alternative rose by 420%. The company’s insight analysts produced their report from over 75 billion pins, and then determined the popularity for jackfruit as a top trend.

However, what exactly are these users’ ideas regarding this weird fruit? Well, they admire it for its properties as a meat substitute and are pinning ideas for using this plant to make vegan versions of foods such as pulled pork sandwiches.

In addition to Pinterest’s report, many other reporting firms have concluded that there has been a huge rise in demand for vegan products, plant-based milks, as well as more vegan-friendly food options at restaurants.

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