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UK Residents are Spending Less on Meat


If there’s one place that is big on veganism, it’s the United Kingdom. They have several veg-friendly eateries and host fun vegan events – and just to add to the list, they have been spending less on meat as well!

After the World Health Organization released a report in October 2015 linking processed meat to cancer, UK residents have been ditching meat faster than cigarettes.

This report shortly led to research about residents’ attitudes towards meat consumption. In fact, 34% of the population reported in December 2015 that they believed that bacon in particular was a carcinogen and 46% stated that it was “not good for your health.” At that time, data showed that residents of the UK were spending £3.5 million dollars less on meat.

Now, popular trade magazine The Grocer recently released its Top Products Survey of 2016, which suggested a behavioural change in those living in the UK.

According to their year-end report, nationwide sales of all kinds of meat products have dropped by £327.8 million, with bacon sales having plummeted the most (-£122.6 million).

The report also showed that cigarette sales have dropped by £210.7 million, which proves that UK residents are spending a lot less on meat than they are on cigarettes.



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