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What Are The Two Most Popular Vegan Bag Brands?


Vegan fashion is becoming a trend as there are several brands that sell vegan apparel and accessories.

On the other hand, bags are also becoming quite popular. However, there are two bag brands in particular that people are digging. What are these two brands?

1. Matt & Nat

© Matt & Nat
© Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is one of the most popular all-vegan brands. They sell several types of bags for women and men made from animal-free materials such as recycled plastic bottles, which are used to make linings. Online, you can browse through a variety of different styles, mostly casual or for any occasion.

In addition to bags, Matt & Nat also sells shoes and wallets. While customers will find shoes mainly for women, men can enjoy the variety of wallets and other products this brand has to offer.Vegan Power Bags by GUNAS

You can shop at their online store or visit one of their several locations across many countries, including: Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Australia.



Perhaps you are looking for more luxurious bags? Well then join the crew shopping at GUNAS.

GUNAS is an all-vegan brand that sells bags and shoes for women. In addition, not only are their bags luxurious, but they carry the name of America’s very first all-vegan handbag brand.

You can visit their pop-up store during summer of 2016 in New York, or you can browse through their products at their online store. Anyone who wants to carry something gorgeous and luxurious – yet animal-free – will purchase a bag from here!

© Featured Image from GUNAS

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