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TripAdvisor is Standing Up For Animals


After several months of discussing and meeting with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world’s most popular travel and review site, TripAdvisor, announced that they will no longer be selling bookings to events or attractions involving captive animals.

In addition, TripAdvisor will be working with PETA and others to launch a new education portal that will inform travellers about animal welfare and the issues and concerns regarding it.

“TripAdvisor’s new booking policy and education effort is designed as a means to do our part in helping improve the health and safety standards for animals, especially in markets with limited regulatory protections,” TripAdvisor President Stephen Kaufer said.

TripAdvisor is working on eliminating these bookings for good; however, this policy will be taken into full effect early next year.

In addition, when announcing this new policy, TripAdvisor specifically mentioned elephant rides, swimming with dolphins and tiger petting. However, this policy does not apply to places that are professionally supervised, such as zoos, aquariums, children’s petting areas and attractions that involve domesticated animals.

Despite this fact, it’s great to see that a very popular travel, booking and review site has finally decided to stand up for captive animals. This will hopefully be an inspiration for other review sites to follow.

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