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Pamela Anderson Speaks for Animals in London


During a trip to London, vegan actress, model and animal activist Pamela Anderson made time to speak up for the animals.

After learning that wild animals had not been banned from circuses in the UK, this animal rights advocate immediately contacted Prime Minister Theresa May. Urging to end animal cruelty in circuses, she wrote:

One of the things that I love the most about the U.K. is its strong reputation as a nation that opposes cruelty to animals. That’s why my mouth dropped when I learned that Britain still has not banned wild animals from circuses. With all due respect, Brexit is complicated, but kissing circus animal acts goodbye is as easy as pie…

Animals acts are embarrassingly archaic and have no place in modern Britain – or anywhere else.

However, Ms. Anderson is not the only one who is urging for animals to be banned from circuses in Britain. Over 20,000 other people have emailed the Prime Minister regarding this matter.

A total of 17 countries have now banned the use of animals in circuses, which Scotland is looking to be joining in spring 2017. It’s about time that a place booming with veganism such as Britain joins these countries, as well.

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