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There’s No Need For Vegans in the UK to Worry About Advent Calendars this Christmas


With the holidays coming soon, everyone wants to get a chocolate advent calendar! However, many vegans assume that because chocolate contains dairy, they have to miss out on all the fun.

Well, there’s no need to worry, since there are many dairy-free chocolate advent calendars! While you can find a dairy-free version almost anywhere in the world, the United Kingdom in particular has rounded up quite a variety.

© Moo Free

1. Moo Free: Organic Dairy Free Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is free from dairy, gluten, wheat, and soya and is even featured as organic and non-GMO. In fact, you won’t find a single trace of dairy or gluten in any of Moo Free’s products since their chocolate made in UK factories do not manufacture or handle any of those ingredients.

This advent calendar comes with 24 windows, each filled with delicious chocolates that you won’t even believe are dairy-free!

© Plamil

2. Plamil: Organic Fairtrade Milky Dairy Free Advent Calendar

This advent calendar from Plamil – the very first company to make dairy-free chocoalte in the UK – is organic and vegan. In fact, this product is made right in the Plamil factory, where you won’t find any traces of dairy, gluten, or nuts, making it suitable for almost anyone.

You can purchase this advent calendar as a single product for £4.95, or you can buy a pack of 6 for £26.73.

© Montezuma’s

3. Montezuma’s: Organic & Vegan Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

This 24-window advent calendar is composed of delicious 73% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. Not only is it vegan, but it is organic as well.

You purchase this calendar online at Montezuma’s or at Ocado for only £9.99.

© Hotel Chocolat

4. Hotel Chocolat: Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

Hotel Chocolat is offering a 70% dark chocolate advent calendar composed of penguins, snowmen and reindeer. The shape of the chocolates make this calendar fun for kids and the design of the box makes it appeal to adults as well.

You can purchase it online for £12.50. These chocolates are sure to please anyone’s palette!

© Holland & Barrett

5. Holland & Barrett: Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar

You can countdown to Christmas with Holland & Barrett‘s fun vegan advent calendar! It is composed of 24 yummy organic chocolates for only £3.99!



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