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Tesco’s Selling Vegan Chocolate for Christmas This Year


This year, fill up your stocking with Tesco‘s new vegan chocolate selection box and chocolate disks! Why? Because they’re vegan-friendly!

The selection box, which is from their Free From products, is only £2 and is currently available in Tesco stores. Each selection box contains one chocolate bar, one packet of choco buttons and one packet of white choco buttons.

In addition, Tesco will be selling dairy-free chocolate disks. These vegan delights, along with the selection box, can be purchased at any Tesco store and will soon be available online.

Tesco told metro.co.uk that they are committed to providing customers with solutions to the “dietary challenges faced by some customer during the festive season.”

These vegan-friendly treats are great stocking-stuffers! With the rise of veganism in Britain, these treats are a perfect solution for the large demand of seasonal treats that are 100% vegan-friendly. There are currently over 542,000 vegans in Britain, who no longer have to stress about what to stuff their stockings with!

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