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Have You Visited Switzerland’s Meat-Free Market?

© Karma
© Karma

Have you had the chance to visit Switzerland’s meat-free market? Because it’s full of everything a vegan or vegetarian could ever ask for!

A few months ago, Coop Cooperative, one of Switzerland’s biggest wholesale and retail companies, opened the first location of their vegan/vegetarian supermarket chain, called Karma.

Located south of Zurich, this store is packed with cruelty-free items including vegan meat, dairy-free milk, fresh produce, as well as vegan items from German brands Naturalplan and Veganz, Europe’s first all-vegan supermarket. It even features its own cafe, and carries other items such as cosmetics and foods that you can buy on the run.

You can also participate in weekly recipe demonstrations.

Karma joins the many other vegan food stores around the world, including The Cruelty Free Shop in Australia, Veganz in Germany, Gal Hayarok (Green Wave) in Israel, Greenbay in England, and Orchard Grocer and Haymaker’s Corner Store in New York. Where will the next vegan retail store open? We’ll just have to wait and see!





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