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Swiss Company Develops Cool Device that Uses UV Light to Make Vegan Wine

© Vino Flux
© Vino Flux

Everything is about technology in today’s world. However, whose to say that we can’t use it for ethical purposes?

Switzerland-based wine finishing company Vino Flux has developed a cool device that uses ultraviolet light to refine wine. This device eliminates the need for using animal-based ingredients such as fish bladder, gelatin, casein, or egg whites in the wine making process.

Vino Flux claims that the device has been designed so that its UV light rays soften tannins and speed up the maturation process.

“There are other ways to produce similar results with wines to get softer tannins,” said winemaker Mark Messenger, “but if you are a vegan, this technology eliminates the need for animal-based protein fining agents, so it’s an attractive option for that market.”

It is known that the exposure of wine to ultraviolet light can affect its colour, tannin and ageing potential; however, Vino Flux has found a way to make the process work by using specific wavelengths in the UV range.

Wine is one of those things that vegans can never be too sure whether or not it is vegan. However, many global companies – including Gik – are using processes that ensure that their wine bottles are 100% cruelty-free.

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