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Gusta Foods to Open Second Butcher Shop in Montreal

© Gusta Foods
© GustaFoods.com

Canadian-based vegan company Gusta Foods is planning on opening a second plant-based butcher shop. Set to open at the end of this year, vegans will be able to head over to the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal, QC to taste their amazing creations.

Customers will be able to walk in and buy cashew milk-based cheeses, seitan-based meats, sausages, and even prepared dishes including poutine, grilled cheese sandwiches and microwaveable beer.

In addition to Gusta Foods, Ontario-based YamChops also considers themselves a vegan butcher shop. They plan to expand to 50 locations around North America with the $250,000 investment they received through Canadian reality-show Dragons’ Den. Looks like Canada will soon become the capital of vegan butcher shops!

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