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Rhode Island Senate Passes Bill To Ban The Use Of Bullhooks on Elephants


Rhode Island has become the first American state to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants in circuses/travelling shows, now that the Rhode Island Senate has passed a bill identifying this.

The Rhode Island House of Representatives previously passed this bill – HB 8197 – in 2014, and has recently been signed by Governor Gina Raimondo, officially completing the passing of this bill.

Bullhooks are popular in circuses; they are long rods that have a sharp metal hook. They are typically used to hurt elephants while “training” them for the circus. This has been an unethical way of treating elephants for entertainment for years.

PETA thanks Gov. Gina Raimondo for making Rhode Island the first state to ban bullhooks, joining the many cities and counties across the U.S. that have outlawed these weapons resembling fireplace pokers with a sharp metal hook on one end that are used to yank and gouge elephants in order to force them to perform,” said Gabe Walters from the PETA Foundation Counsel and Manager of Legislative Affairs. “PETA encourages other states to get with the times and follow Rhode Island’s progressive and compassionate example so that no elephant is ever abused again under the big top.”

This is, in fact, a great start for Rhode Island – and the U.S. – as this action very much promotes animal rights. We agree with Mr. Walters’ statement and are hoping that other states in the U.S. will follow Rhode Island’s ethical actions.

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