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PETA Wants A More Vegan-Friendly Name for Huon Valley’s Eggs and Bacon Bay


Eggs and Bacon Bay has been a popular fishing destination in Huon Valley, Tasmania for several years. It’s had its name for 140 years now, and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), along with many others, are hoping to see its name change to something more vegan-friendly.

This activist group had proposed it to be called “Apple and Cherry Bay,” which would advertise the region’s agriculture industry.

“Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area may as well be called ‘Heart Attack Bay’,” said PETA Australia campaign director Ashley Fruno. “The Huon Valley is famous for its delectable apples and cherries, so we are asking the council ‘WTF?’ – that’s ‘Where’s The Fruit?’ – in the hope that it will apply to change the name.”

Ms. Fruno even wrote a letter to Huon Valley Mayor Peter Coad, stating that Tasmania has the highest rate of lap-band surgery in all of Australia. On top of that, approximately 93 percent of residents did not eat enough fruits or vegetables.

In response to the letter, Mr. Coad said that before proceeding with any name changes, the council would have to consider the proposal’s benefits, as well as conduct a community consultation.

“It’s certainly unique. It is a well-established name – Eggs and Bacon Bay – and any changes need to be considered with community in mind,” said Mr. Coad.

Following the responses to the name change of Eggs and Bacon Bay, a “Save Eggs and Bacon Bay” Facebook page was created for those who would like to join the conversation.

In addition, it is believed that the name of Eggs and Bacon Bay could have come from two people: Lady Jane Franklin, who ordered eggs and bacon near Franklin; or Sir John Franklin, who had noticed Eggs and Bacon flowers nearby.

However, maybe after 140 years, it’s time to take into consideration the growth of the vegan population and rename Eggs and Bacon Bay to something that would please everybody.

“Obviously, changing the name is a small gesture but it’s going to send a powerful message, both of compassion and what everyone should be eating to remain healthy,” stated PETA Australia campaign coordinator Claire Fryer.

What are your thoughts? You can write a comment below or on The Mercury’s Facebook post regarding this debate.

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