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Meat Giant Tyson to Launch Vegan Protein Bowls

Tyson Foods is also investing in plant-based meats.

It’s a whole new age for vegans. Did you ever hear that a meat company was selling something vegan? Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s presently happening. Meat supplier Tyson Foods just announced their plans to launch a line of 100% vegan protein bowls.

The company had previously expressed interest in exploring plant-based options, and now it’s finally taking that big step.

Their new plant-based protein line will be called “Green Street,” and is composed of grab-and-go meals. Ingredients rich in protein, such as lentils, chickpeas and quinoa, will be key features (obviously).

“Tyson Foods is transforming from a company with a strong heritage in chicken to a modern food company that is challenging the industry status quo,” Tyson Foods CEO Tom Hayes said at a recent conference. “Consumers expect more from food companies today, and we’re up for the challenge.”

The new range of plant-based meals addresses two consumer needs: grab-and-go meals, as well as plant-based protein.

This isn’t the first vegan-related thing Tyson announced. They’ve also invested in meat alternatives, including Beyond Meat.







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