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Meat Burger Joint Introduces the Impossible Burger

Plant-based burgers are the new trend.
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Everybody wants a taste of the new innovative trend: plant-based patties. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are changing the meat scene through the promotion of plant-based protein – and it’s no wonder they’re so successful considering their burgers “bleed” beet juice. Now, the most recent joint to pick up on the new trend is Grindhouse Killer Burgers, who has added the Impossible Burger as a permanent menu item.

Grindhouse introduced the Impossible Burger at their location in Athens, GA on November 13, and then sold out early during their trial week at their Decatur location.

“From day one, people were pretty excited about it,” said Becki Wagner, the general manager at Grindhouse’s Athens location. “Monday was the first day to sell it and almost every table had at least one person who ordered the Impossible Burger.”

With the positive response to the plant-based addition, it’s no wonder the fast food joint wants to make the Impossible Burger a permanent menu item at all of its locations.

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In addition to the vegan patties, Grindhouse also introduced a vegan and gluten-free bun. The joint needed a bun to go with the plant-based patties since their original potato bun contains eggs.

“Bringing the Impossible Burger and the gluten-free, vegan bun at the same time was a way to branch out and give vegans more of an opportunity to have a full experience at our restaurant,” Wagner said.

Vegan burgers are arguably the biggest trend right now. Last month, Beyond Meat expanded their Beyond Burger to the United Kingdom, where veganism is growing at an incredible rate. The United States is not far behind as more and more people realize the benefits of going vegan.

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