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Jessica Chastain Shares Opinion on Animals

Jessica Chastain believes that animals are “the ultimate underdogs.”
Photo: flickr/Gage Skidmore

In a recent interview with Evening Standard, famed actress Jessica Chastain talked more about her vegan lifestyle and opened up on her opinion about animals, claiming that they are “the ultimate underdogs.”

Chastain, who stars in the new movie Molly’s Game, has been vegan for 12 years. However, she has seen life from a compassionate perspective since she was a young girl as her mother, who gave birth to Jessica at the age of 16, was a vegan chef.

“I grew up rooting for the underdog,” she said. “The person that no one believed in, who came from nothing and maybe had boundaries because of their gender or race. I’ll go into battle for them more than myself. And animals, too – they’re the ultimate underdogs.”

Chastain is devoted to her cruelty-free lifestyle, laughing: “I was vegan before Beyoncé!”

She also does everything she can to help animals, including volunteering for animal rights organization Humane Society of the United States and adopting a rescue dog. However, she claims that not “everybody needs to be vegan.”

“It just means helping create healthier choices for society and for our hearts at the end of the day.”

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