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Japan’s Last Fur Farm Has Closed For Good


The Japanese government has finally closed down the last fur farm in the country, Otsuka mink farm, located in Niigata, Japan. Many people say “thank you,” since this means that several innocent animals will not be beaten, electrocuted, skinned alive, or forced into filthy wired cages anymore.

“Mink fur farming in Japan has come to a definite end now that the country’s last remaining fur farm in Niigata has closed its doors,” the Free Fur Alliance (FFA) wrote.

The Otsuka mink farm had been violating the Japanese Invasive Alien Species Act of 2016 and was operating without a license, repeatedly earning the honour of being reported by Animal Rights Center Japan.

In addition, the mink is an invasive species in Japan. Some minks were escaping the farm, which set the end for fur farming in the country. Other invasive species include raccoons and coypus.

The popularity of fur clothing has decreased in Japan due to more ethical desires from consumers. “Since its peak in 2006 fur imports have dropped a staggering 80% in Japan,” FFA wrote.

We thank Japan for their ethical decision, and they have joined the several other countries that have banned fur farming. There have been eight countries in Europe that have banned fur farming up to date, and three more are debating following their actions.



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