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Hourglass Cosmetics to Go Fully Vegan

Yet another beauty brand pledges to go 100% vegan.
Photo: Hourglass Cosmetics

Luxury beauty brand Hourglass Cosmetics recently announced that they will be going fully vegan by 2020.

While the brand has a range of vegan products, they want to go a step further by eliminating all animal ingredients from their products.

“Luxury is a combination of innovation and integrity,” said Hourglass Cosmetics CEO Carisa James.

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“Our values have always been exemplified in our commitment to creating cruelty-free products.

“If we are truly committed to being 100% cruelty-free, we shouldn’t have animal-derived ingredients in our products.”

By sticking to their commitment, Hourglass Cosmetics is committed to finding alternatives for beeswax, lanolin and carmine.

Hourglass Cosmetics is currently partnering with the Nonhuman Rights Project, and is donating all proceeds from their vegan makeup leather bag to the animal rights organization.






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