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Grado Zero Espace Makes Vegan Leather From Mushroom Caps


muskin_gradozeroespaceThe leather industry is evolving as there are many faux-leather products coming out. While people have been able to transform things like plastic, pineapples and kombucha into leather, MuSkin is a new and unique animal-free leather made from mushroom caps invented by the Italian fabric manufacturer based in Montelupo Fiorentino, Grado Zero Espace.

MuSkin is a 100-percent biodegradable textile that resembles suede, but is a lot softer. By extracting parts of Chinese mushroom caps, Grado Zero Espace has been able to create a leather made from a tanning process that is natural and free from chemicals.

This new leather can be used to make purses, shoes, hats and more.

According to Grado Zero Espace, this new textile is a lot more breathable and pliable and is non-toxic, which makes it much more suitable for contact with human skin.

MuSkin leather also stops the growth of bacteria. Grado Zero Espace states, “to not promote the proliferation of bacteria, has strong capacity to absorb moisture, and then release it”.

© Image from Grado Zero Espace

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