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Field Roast Just Released Three Vegan Dressings

Field Roast’s three new vegan dressings will be the next plant-based products to take up most of the space in your kitchen.

Vegans, it’s time to rejoice! Vegan brand Field Roast, who specializes in plant-based “meats,” recently released three new vegan dressings.

The company added Bold and Tangy, Classic Caesar, and Cracked Peppercorn Ranch Dressing and Dip flavours to its range of vegan dressings.

While the brand specializes in vegan artisan meats, they want to expand their range of products and deliver unique and quality foods to consumers.

“Instead of making fake dairy products that mimic the traditional flavours found there, we have innovated new flavours to delight and inspire you, and extend that to creamy spreads, sauces, and dressings,” the company said.

Field Roast was acquired in 2017 by Canadian meat giant, Maple Leaf Foods, for US $120 million as the meat giant believes that the plant-based meat market is essential to securing their future.




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