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Evanna Lynch to Launch Vegan Podcast Next Month

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch, best known for her role as Luna Lovegood, is launching a vegan podcast next month!
Photo: Evanna Lynch/Facebook

When Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch first announced that she was going to launch a vegan podcast, everybody went crazy. Now, she’s planned the launch of her podcast to happen this October – and we’re getting close!

The ChickPeeps,” as it is called, will feature Evanna Lynch herself and some of her close vegan friends with a goal to educate people on the vegan diet and hopefully inspire people to make the change.

“I was vegetarian and would speak about the ethics of it, and then I realized the inconsistencies of it because people were asking, ‘Why aren’t you vegan?'” Lynch told VegNews.

Lynch would like to film 5 videos before launching the podcast, and it may even have the potential to become a weekly series.

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