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EPA Scientist Awarded for Research on Animal Testing Alternatives

The Russell and Burch Award has been presented to 15 scientists up to date.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) awarded its 2017 Russell and Burch Award to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist Robert Kavlock for his advanced research into alternatives to animal toxicity testing.

The Russell and Burch Award recognizes scientists who have done amazing work to rid animal testing of harmful scientific research. This year’s nomination occurred in Seattle at the 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences.

“Robert Kavlock has been a leading figure in advancing alternatives to animal testing for decades,” said Kate Willett, The HSUS‘ director of regulatory toxicology and risk assessment. “He pioneered an approach to assessing the safety of chemicals and products that now serves as a strong foundation to move us entirely away from the use of animals in this area and others, sparing millions of animals from significant suffering.”

According to The HSUS, Kavlock works at the EPA as the acting assistant administrator for the Office of Research and Development and was previously the director of the National Center for Computational Toxicology.

Since 1992, The HSUS has presented the Russell and Burch award to 15 scientists. Winners of the award also receive $5000 and a trophy.

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