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Europe’s First Avocado Chocolate Bar Debuts in Britain

Vegans in Britain will get a first taste.
Photo: Love Cocoa

Giving up chocolate is one of the hardest things people face while transitioning to the vegan diet. They learn that dark chocolate in an option, but most companies like to add the unnecessary dairy. But now, this one company has made it possible for some vegans to indulge in this renowned sweet with their avocado chocolate bars.

Luxury chocolate company Love Cocoa is debuting their 70% dark chocolate bar in Britain. They feature ingredients including the best avocados from Michoac√°n, Mexico and fine dark chocolate from Ecuador.

“Growing up a Cadbury, I’ve always loved chocolate and experimenting in the kitchen,” said company founder James Cadbury.

“And like millions on Instagram, I’m also an avocado fan, so I thought why not mix two of the most loved flavours and foods together – and that’s how the avocado chocolate bar was born.”

The chocolate bars are handmade in Britain and can be purchased online. They currently retail for ¬£4.25.




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