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Cinnaholic Opens Second Florida Location

Cinnaholic’s vegan cinnamon buns are a hit amongst vegans and others alike.
Photo: Cinnaholic/Facebook

Every vegan who knows about Cinnaholic has been dying to get a taste of their gourmet vegan cinnamon buns. The only problem: some vegans don’t have access to a location. But, vegans in Northeast Florida don’t have to stay on that boat any longer now that Cinnaholic has opened their second Florida location in Jacksonville!

The location features 17 different flavours of gourmet cinnamon buns, as well as 20 toppings. Tasting a cinnaholic cinnamon bun is truly an amazing experience.

“It’s quite different than your everyday cinnamon roll, donut shop or pretzel [shop] with just one option,” said Augustus Cesar Carangue, the owner of the Jacksonville location. “Here, there is an unlimited option of what you want to try the next time you visit. . . If you don’t like the old school cinnamon roll, we have a [wide selection] of flavours.”

According to Carangue, the flavours and toppings alone aren’t what make the Cinnaholic experience so unique. It’s the fact that these sweets are made without any animal products.

“We wanted to bring this experience to Jacksonville because we don’t have a lot of plant-based options,” Carangue continued. “Everything here [at Cinnaholic] is handmade and plant-based.”

Located at 11362 San Jose Blvd., the bakery had their grand opening on Friday, giving away one cinnamon roll to every special attendee for only $1. Their other Florida location is located in Boca Raton.

The vegan concept opened their flagship store in Berkeley, California, in 2009. Since then they have opened several locations around the United States, and will be opening many more around Canada!





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