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Whole Foods Launches A Vegan Burger Bar in Colorado

© image from Beyond Meat's Facebook page
© Beyond Meat/Facebook page

Beyond Meat hit Whole Foods stores last May and has been a success with vegans and meat eaters. The burger looks, tastes and feels like a beef burger; however, the patty is 100% plant-based!

Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado has launched an on-site all-vegan and milkshake bar that serves vegan burgers made from Beyond Meat patties, as well as vegan chicken, fish sandwiches and more.

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“We love when we can offer shoppers delicious, high quality options that meet their dietary preferences, but still offer all the enjoyment and fun of conventional dishes,” said Whole Foods Spokesperson McKinzey Crossland in an interview with LVN.

Some items on their menu include Beyond Burgers, which people can order as a single burger for $8.99 or as a double for $10.99, Gardein Chick’n Tenders with Ninja Squirrel Sriracha Sauce for $6.99, Southern Chick’n Sandwich with Gardein Tenders for $7.99 and much more.

This bar is a great start for vegan options in popular grocery stores. We are hoping that Whole Foods will expand this eatery to other locations as well.

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