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Vogue Names Vegan a Top Wedding Food Trend


Vegan FoodFashion magazine Vogue recently featured an article about the top wedding food trends of 2017. And what’s one of the biggest trends around? Vegan meals, of course.

“Vegan and vegetarian options are now elevated to the main event rather than a substitution option,” Vogue author Ariel Okin wrote.

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According to celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie, more and more couples are going the sustainable, vegan route.

“Without doubt, we are seeing more brides and grooms feature vegan options versus vegetarian,” Cowie said. “The vegan movement is well on the way, and most top restaurants today now offer a vegan menu. Vegan used to mean the grilled portobello mushroom; today’s chefs are preparing exquisite and delicious vegan options.”

Veganism is definitely a trend that grows more and more every year. What will you feature at your vegan wedding?

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