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Vegan Fast Food Chain Expanding to New York City

This will be the sixth location of the growing vegan fast food chain.
Photo: © Next Level Burger/Facebook

Oregon-based vegan fast food chain Next Level Burger is expanding its restaurant all the way to New York City.

Next Level Burger is creating a “Burger Revolution” by featuring vegan burgers and plant-based foods. They serve the Beyond Burger, which is one of the greatest plant-based food innovations of the twenty-first century. Produced by startup Beyond Meat, the plant-based patty looks just like beef and even “bleeds” beet juice.

Next Level Burger was founded back in 2014 in Bend, Oregon and has expanded to stores around Oregon and other states, including Washington and California.

Their east coast location will open on January 31, 2017 in the Fort Greene Whole Foods 365 market in Brooklyn with its own seating area, separated from the rest of the grocery store.





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