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Vegan Big Mac Burger Sells Out at London Ribfest


Last week, London, Ontario hosted a festival for meat called Ribfest that lasted from July 28 to August 1. However, this one stand in particular – Big MACinnes – was selling “Big Macs” that were 100% vegan – and it was a hit!

Big MACinnes, managed by James McInnes, was featuring an innovative, plant-based version of the popular McDonald’s Big Mac burger.

“The whole point of it was to illustrate we can make something out of plants and still have it taste amazing,” Mr. McInnes said regarding his creation.

Instead of using meat, the Big MACinnes burgers’ two patties were made from a mixture of chickpeas, onions and bread crumbs. Topped onto the patties was homemade mayo, iceberg lettuce, vegan cheddar cheese, onions and pickles, which were all placed in between three fluffy sesame buns.

This new creation was so good that all of the Big Macs were sold out before the end of the festival.

In addition, Mr. McInnes is a vegan himself, and the last time he tasted a Big Mac at McDonald’s was about four years ago.

“Vegan food can really be more popular than animal-based products – even at a meat festival,” he stated.

After the Ribfest, Mr. McInnes told the Huffington Post that he plans to open a vegan fast food restaurant in London that will sell the popular burger, in addition to Globally Local, the business he already owns.

After this Ribfest, we can really see how plant-based options are becoming favoured by many. Looks like Mr. McInnes was right after all!

© Featured image from Globally Local

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