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Did You Know that Trader Joe’s Sells Vegan Lattes?

© Trader Joe's via Instagram
© Trader Joe’s via Instagram

Trader Joe’s is a favourite shopping spot for vegans and vegetarians alike. They have many vegan-friendly products from veggie patties to avocado yoghurt to meat alternatives you’ll love. Now, they’ve introduced their latest addition to their world of vegan products: “Organic Cold Brew Mocha Nut Latte.”

According to their post, this new cold-brewed coffee drink is made by mixing organic cold-brewed coffee with organic cocoa powder for the base, and then they add cashew and almond-based milk for the “Nut Latte” section of the drink. They also add organic dates, which add that extra delicious sweetness to it, in addition to vanilla, cinnamon and pink Himalayan salt.

This drink – which comes in a 12 oz bottle – contains 5 g of protein and only 180 calories, making it the perfect beverage to start your day.

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