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The Vegan Society Launches Vegan Nutrition App

You can check your dietary progress with the checklist offered on The Vegan Society’s new app, VNutrition.
Photo: © The Vegan Society

Vegan Society Dietitian, Heather Russell, just launched a self-assessed vegan nutrition app, called “VNutrition.” By following a checklist, vegans and others alike can keep track of their nutrition habits.

“When I joined The Vegan Society, I was given the task of updating the nutrition section of our website,” Russell wrote in a blog post. “It was the perfect start to my new role as a vegan nutrition specialist because I had to do lots of research and translate this information into useful tips for vegans. The idea of creating a nutrition app was floating around, and after finishing the website update, it felt like the time was right to explore it.”

The app is based on the UK’s Eatwell Guide, and includes extra nutrients. It’s mainly targeted for vegans to use, but it is also useful for anybody who wants to learn about the benefits of the vegan diet.

The information is also geared more towards adults living in the UK, but is available in other countries, as well. Information about the vegan diet for teens and children can also be found under their “life stages” section. There are also helpful dietary tips.

The apple is available on iOS and Android.




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