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The Top Vegan Shoe Brands


Being vegan doesn’t just mean cutting out animal products from your diet; it also means cutting out any clothing articles that are made from animals.

There are many vegan clothing brands around the world; however, while pieces like shirts, pants and dresses are easier to find with the many materials available, shoes are not as easy.

There are quite a few all-vegan shoe brands out there; however, non-vegan brands also offer vegan footwear. It’s sometimes hard to find the right pair of shoes, so here is our list of the top 10 shoe brands that carry cruelty-free shoes.


Olsenhaus is a 100% vegan company. Not only do they offer vegan shoes for women, men and kids made from natural materials, but they also sell other vegan products including wallets and bags.

Founded by Elizabeth Olsen in New York City in 2008, Olsenhaus’ products are manufactured in Mexico and India. All of the factories are family-run and they use materials that are plant-based, including some that are man-made.

The linings of their shoes are made with eco-lining and their soles are made with composite rubber. In addition, their glues are rubber-based and the paint they use is non-toxic.

The Olsenhaus company continues their research to find more advanced processes for the production of their products, as well as finding other natural materials to use.

Pink Martini Collection  Pink Martini Skyscraper White Shoe

Pink Martini Collection is a Canadian brand founded in 2006 by Amir Bahar. They carry a variety of shoes, including a few vegan ones. However, their vegan designs are must-haves!

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin Delphine Navy and Ivory ShoeBeyond Skin, est. 2001, is a luxury vegan shoe brand based in Brighton, Hove, UK. Their shoes are made in Alicante, Spain and they offer free worldwide delivery – with some exceptions. To make their shoes, they use a microfiber called Dinamica – an ecological microfiber made in Italy – made from recycled polyester that mainly comes from t-shirts, fibres, plastic bottles and other plastics.


Kailia features luxury, eco-friendly vegan shoes for women, handmade in family-owned factories around Europe. Designed in Italy by Nancy Dong, Kailia’s shoes are 100% animal and cruelty-free. They like to use a process that includes the use of water-based glues and polyurethane soles. They also prefer using organic cotton and organic linen, as well as other eco-friendly materials for their dyed linings. Kailia footwear is found in fashion and eco-friendly boutiques around Europe and the US, and online as well.

Mohop  Mohop Shoe

Mohop sells American-crafted sandals for both men and women. They use many natural ingredients, like cherrywood from Pennsylvania and faux leather used for padded footbeds. They also create black soles that are derived from natural rubber and rice husks. In addition to vegan shoes, they also sell faux-leather accessories.


Noharm  Noharm Full Brogue Boots

Noharm is a cruelty-free vegan shoe brand that men are raving about. Their leather-free shoes are all made in Italy and in addition to their shoe collections, they sell vegan shirts, wallets, belts and soaps.


Novacas is another 100% vegan shoe company that sells products made from natural materials. The company has factories in Portugal and took the word ‘Novacas’ from the Spanish and Portuguese word that means ‘no cow’.

Their products are 100% PVC-free and are made from synthetic microfibers of the highest quality. They offer shoes for both women and men.


Keep is a vegan and cruelty-free company based in Los Angeles, California. None of their products are made with materials that come from animals and not a single animal has been hurt during the manufacturing process.

Launched in 2006, their products are made in factories with ethical working conditions, all located in China, Brazil and Vietnam.

Freerangers  freerangers_denimshoe

Freerangers is a vegan shoe company based in the United Kingdom. In addition to their vegan shoes made for both men and women, they also sell other cruelty-free fashion items, including belts, bags and other accessories.

All of their products are handmade and they do a lot of research to ensure that all of their shoe materials are 100% vegan.

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